"It's not just about going beyond likeness. That's easy.

The sitter should feel recognised. They should feel Seen."


If you are looking for a portrait photographer whose primary focus is surface, creating images which make the subjects look good - or provide a photo-shoot 'experience' - then Benjamin is not the photographer for you. There are any number of very good professionals in the market who can provide that service and we would recommend you look elsewhere.

But if you are looking to make a portrait which has depth and genuinely searches for an essence of a person - at the time that the image was made - then he might be the right choice.


The process starts with an initial chat with Ben, when we can explore what you are looking to achieve.

There is no charge for this initial conversation - and you are committed to nothing - but if you choose to progress, we then move to discovery (usually a long zoom conversation), when Benjamin will get to know more about the subject and talk through with you where best to shoot the images (that will very rarely be in a studio setting). And then we move to photography and production.

The same style and emphasis on meaning, tone and texture which is found in his still life work also runs through his portraits: Benjamin only shoots in natural light, never in a studio but in a location which is relevant to the sitter and where natural light is available (anywhere on the UK mainland but very distant locations may incur additional expenses).


You will choose a version from 10 which will be offered to you for the principal print.

The process completes with the delivery to you of a large, (up to A2) gallery quality, fine art, archival standard print of the selected portrait image which is ready to hang.

We also supply all versions as full resolution, digital files from which you can make as many prints as you wish.

'Last' portraits can be difficult images to shoot and the process of doing so often as important as the images themselves. Please see COMMISSIONS/FOR LEAVING for more information.


The charge for a making a portrait is £350.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 is payable when you book the shoot date. The balance of £200 is payable on delivery of the principal, fine art print. On receipt of this payment, we will make the full resolution, digital image files and accompanying licence available for you to download.

To avoid any confusion or ambiguity: if you choose not to progress to having a print made (perhaps because you don't like any of the offered images), then the balance of £200 will not be payable but your initial payment of £150 will not be refunded. Please do not progress unless you are comfortable with this level of risk.

The total charge of £350 is all inclusive and covers:

  • The initial consultation (via zoom)
  • An all-day day shoot at a mainland UK location of your choice (to be discussed during the consultation. Locations 'distant' from London may incur additional costs.)
  • Production of 10, digital images from which you will select 1 for an (up to) A2 fine art print
  • The fine art print on Hannemuhle Fine Art Bamboo paper, signed (if you wish), mounted, framed in a presentation (temporary) frame and delivered to you.
    (You may order as many, additional fine art prints as you wish, charges to be agreed).
  • Full resolution files of the 10 images presented for selection are also made available to you for you to make as many prints as you wish. You may not however sell the prints or licence the images.

PLEASE NOTE: Client portrait images are never used for promotional purposes and we would never ask permission to do so.
The above images are un-commissioned portraits, of subjects that Benjamin found interesting, shot for his own purposes.