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I welcome invitations to shoot from organisations and media active in the arts, climate change and social justice. Sorry...I never shoot corporate events or weddings.

Sample Image Set:

Portraits of elected politicians, activists or notable people. All shot during 2019.

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If you want to publish or use one of my images, please get in touch. I usually give permission to use for no charge if the purpose relates to - or if you are writing sympathetically about - social justice or climate change. If the image is a portrait, I will contact the subject first to also get their consent.

I only accept commissions from activist organisations where I believe in the cause and will usually work totally free of charge.

I am based in south east England but am happy to work anywhere in Europe. If travel is required, I may need to ask for travel expenses and for accomodation to be provided.

Qualifications | Skills

I am a Fellow of the RSA, with a degree in History of Art and a background in Green activism.

I trained with several, leading fashion photographers and then spent about 15 years working as a video director for a range of businesses, from tourism to the military.

I moved across to software and spent a few years working in consultancy and start-ups. I now split my time between software engineering and photography.


If I'm shooting, I won't be able to pick-up a phone call.

If urgent, text me. If not urgent, email me.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you